Know more about the Hotel Housekeeping Maid Cart
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Know more about the Hotel Housekeeping Maid Cart

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Are you looking for the housekeeping maid cart?

LAICOZY is leading supplier and manufacturer of housekeeping equipments, we have a lot of design & models of housekeeping maid cart for your option. All of our products with high quality to supply to 4-5 star hotel & provide 1year after-sale service.

Let's talk about the housekeeping maid cart.


What are the Key Features of Maid cart

The key features of housekeeping trolley which make it a very effective housekeeping tool are as follows:

1.Carry large amount of supplies and equipment.

2. Provide assurance for availability of all guest supplies together.

3. Carry cleaning equipment by removing and carrying of cleaning materials, soiled linen and garbage.


How to choose a good quality of housekeeping cleaning maid cart


An ideal maid cart must fulfill the following requirements:

Requirement #1:There must be expansive space in the hotel housekeeping cart that it able to carry all those supplies which are required by a room attendant in a particular workday.

Requirement #2:The housekeeping maid trolley should be easily movable by the maid as it contains large amount of supplies.

Requirement #3: To make it easily movable a perfect hotel housekeeping cleaning trolley  would have fixed wheels at one end and castor-wheels at the other.


How to pack the housekeeping dolly?


First:Placed the heaviest items in the third shelve and the lightest items in the first shelve,


Usually, we will pack it in this way: twin & king bedsheet in the third shelve, bath towel, bath robe & yukata in the middle shelve,

Face towel, hand towel, bath mat, floor mat & pillowcases


Second:Bedroom and bathroom amenities and also the printing materials on the top tray


Note:Consumable items such as sachets items should not be placed next to the bottle amenities as they contained chemicals that will contaminate the consumable items


Last: Placed the hand caddy under the garbage bag


Do you know how to push and pull the maid cart for hotel in the right way?


Before go into guest room, knock the door gently mention we are “housekeeping’ then wait.


Open the door after 3 times if no one answering or open the door and greet to the guest, then mention your name and reason.


Maintenance of Housekeeping maid cart


The room or the place where the maid cart will be positioned must be dried and well ventilated.

All carts with attachments should be thoroughly cleaned and wiped daily.

The wheels of cart must be well-made and oiled intermittently with expert hand.

All the linens and supplies should be properly organized in the cart after each sift that it make easier to replenish extra.


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