Lightweight aluminum housekeeping maid cart
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Lightweight aluminum housekeeping maid cart

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As an important department of hotel,housekeeping department take the work of cleaning,collecting,recording.Tidy and clean is basic requirement to measure the service quality of a hotel.


To increase work efficiency,staff training and powerful tool show theirs importance.As room attendant daily used tool,housekeeping cart can help them to store or keep a number of linen,supplies,and other cleaning materials,just like a giant tool box.


Housekeeping maid cart usually includes 3 parts:body,top tray and side bags.


There are 2 sizes of housekeeping maid cart:one is heavy duty maid cart with 2 side bags,another is small compact size maid cart with only 1 bag.Star hotel like the first one maid cart,because it’s spacious enough to carry all the required supplies for room cleaning work.Small hotel like motel,department,the second one is enough.


Today we gonna to introduce one lightweight aluminum housekeeping maid cart---3160442:


This mini guestroom maid cart is steel frame,very strong,aluminum body also make it light to push,black painting make it looks cool and not easy to get dusty.


We all know,maid cart in the market have different material:more common is steel maid cart,aluminum maid cart and plastic maid cart.Steel material is sturdy and not easy to deform,plastic material is light,but the best one,aluminum material is not only strong,but also not easy to get rusty.Off course,the price of aluminum maid cart is higher than other two.


The lightweight aluminum housekeeping maid cart only have 10kgs,with 4pcs 6 inch swivel wheels and handle,very easy to move on.


The lightweight aluminum housekeeping maid cart has cabinet with hinged top tray lid,can put small items like shampoo,soap,comb,slippers ect.It will make the cart look more tidy and clean.


And it has 2 shelves,you can put the heavier linens like bed sheets,mattress protector on the lower shelves and the lighter linens like bath towels and face towels on the top shelves,thus the maid cart won’t be overloaded.


Besides,on the back panel, there are 6 pockets that can store many small items or amenities,  one is the bigger pocket and 5 small pockets that can fit different size of items.


The size of this cart only:560*540*990Hmm,very convenient to use and store.With one year warranty & good after-sale service,customer can rest assured.


New housekeeping trolley has door and lock,so when housekeeping staffs working in the corridor,they can’t see what kind of linens,and don’t effect their living experience,we can call it multifunctional housekeeping trolley.


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