The justifications for using a Retractable post
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The justifications for using a Retractable post

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The justifications for using a Retractable post

With the rapid growth of the population, the gathering of people in public places is also increasing. When crowds gather too much, there will be a lot of trouble, such as trampling incidents, virus transmission, etc. Therefore, generally in places where the crowd is too dense, the relevant enterprises will set up a barrier, and the telescopic post is a necessary facility to set the barrier. Today we introduce to the audience why we should use Retractable posts by introducing the main advantages and areas of application of Retractable posts.


·The advantages of a Retractable post.

·What are the Retractable post applications?

·How to choose a suitable Retractable post?


The advantages of a Retractable post.


·Highly customizable

According to different use places and requirements, the telescopic post will have different designs and sizes.


·Easy to use

Easy to operate, when using, just pull out the retractable head and snap it into the buckle of another retractable post, no need to spend any time in the operation process. In addition, the retractable post can be freely disassembled and assembled for easy transportation and portability.


·Cheap price

Price is one of the biggest highlights of the retractable post, with its short production cycle and competitive price. After booking, customers can get the product in a very short time.



The telescopic post has the feature of brushed surface treatment, it has a beautiful appearance and smooth hand feel.


In addition to the above-mentioned advantages, our products also have strong safety and practicality. With so many advantages, the telescopic post plays an important role in all major occasions.


What are the Retractable post applications?


·Why use a telescopic post

The world is facing a huge health crisis and relevant crowd control measures have been set up in various regions. It is inevitable that people will be concentrated in a public place as epidemic prevention and control normalizes and more and more companies, markets and schools return to work and resume classes. The biggest role of Retractable posts is to isolate the crowd and set up a special protection line, so the use of Retractable posts can effectively prevent people from gathering, and keeping a safe distance can prevent virus transmission.


·Application Areas

It is said that the Retractable post can be used in communities, schools and government and other safe areas, as well as any dense human traffic, the need to maintain order, the Retractable post is very versatile, almost all industries will use it.


The above is all the information about the application of the Retractable post, the main function of the Retractable post is to play a security warning role, so most of the belts of the Retractable post are mainly in red because the red is the most conspicuous. Using Retractable posts looks simple, but the effect of matching different styles is very different. Therefore, when using the Retractable post, it is important to choose the corresponding model.


How choose a suitable Retractable post?


Since the Retractable post is a stainless steel product, we need to take into account the thickness of the stainless steel Retractable post and the national standard of stainless steel telescopic post when choosing, these two factors will determine the quality of the Retractable post. It is understood that because the Retractable post into the Chinese market is not long, so there are many small processing families in the market using poor quality stainless steel tubes pretending to be high-quality stainless steel, which we should pay attention to.


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