The work of housekeeper
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The work of housekeeper

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Being a housekeeper is hard work, but luckily the right housekeeping cart makes the job a little easier. Our large selection includes full size carts that provide two laundry bags, as well as folding compact designs that are easy to transport and that don't take up too much storage space. We also offer heavy duty metal carts, and lighter weight plastic housekeeping carts.

Maid’s cart or Service Trolley in Hotel also called as a room attendants trolley, or chamber maid’s trolley, this is perhaps the most significance piece equipment in the housekeeping department. it is like a giant tool box, stocked with everything necessary to service a guest room effectively. Most such carts available now are made of metal,aluminum alloy,steel ,plastic. but sometimes wooden carts may be in use.

The maid cart should be spacious enough to carry all the supplies needed for a GRA to complete half a day’s room assignments. Since the maid cart is large and may be heavily loaded, it must be easily movable as well. the ideal maid cart would have fixed wheels at one end and castor –wheels at the other.the cart should be well organized so that the GRA’s do not have to waste time in searching for supplies or make frequent trips back to the supply room. Also, if the cart is not stacked neatly, it will look very unsightly.

They are more useful than hand caddies when a large amount of supplies and items are to be carted or replaced. They are ideal for the efficient removal and carriage of smaller pieces of cleaning equipment, cleaning agents, linen and rubbish.

Care & maintenance:

All housekeeping carts and trolleys need to be kept clean, wiped daily and stored locked.

The space of maid carts should be dry area and it should be well ventilated.

The soiled linen bag and thrash bags should be emptied.

A thorough cleaning may be done once a week.

The wheels of maid carts may be oiled during this cleaning for the smooth movement of the trolley.

Housekeeping carts and trolleys should be never used as general dumping grounds when not in use.

All the linens and amenities should be well arranged when the shift is completed so that it will be easier to replenish extra items when necessary.


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