What are good quality bathroom amenities?
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What are good quality bathroom amenities?

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What are good quality bathroom amenities?

Although every hotel will provide us with bathroom amenities for free, different hotels will have bathroom amenities with different types and quality. Moreover, with the improvement of our quality of life, we will have more requirements for hotel facilities and bathroom amenities, in order to pursue higher quality of living. So, what are good quality bathroom products? Here are some recommendations.



  • Tips for choosing bathroom amenities

  • Types of good quality bathroom amenities


1.Tips for choosing bathroom amenities

Focus on quality: Never compromise on product quality. Small soaps and shampoos that lather great and leave your guests squeaky clean.

You only have one chance to make a first impression so make it a good one. If possible, select environmentally friendly bathroom amenities as many guests favor Eco-Conscious products.

Stick to your operating budget: You don't have to provide a large assortment of toiletries to make a good impression. Your bathroom amenities should be value priced and include all the bathroom essentials to get your guest started before they can make it to the grocery store.

Meet your guests’ expectations: Most guests are accustomed to complimentary bathroom amenities hotels provide. So, hotels should meet their expectations by providing them with high quality hotel amenity kits.

Order only what you need, when you need it: Gone are the days of ordering large quantities that take up valuable storage space and expire before you can use them all. Order your guest bathroom amenities in smaller quantities so your toiletries are always fresh.


2.Types of good quality bathroom amenities

(1) Electric floor heat. 

Tile is a cool surface — literally! If your toes shrink at the thought of crossing your frigid tile floor, make sure your tile setter installs an electric heat mat before putting in the tile. The mats come as custom self-contained mats or as wire strung between plastic pegs (known as an RPM system).Conscientious tile setters will attach a “loudmouth” to their heating system while installing tile, so that if the electrical connection is broken, the loudmouth makes noise. Installing two sensors to the thermostat is a good idea too, so if one breaks, the other still functions.

(2) Humidity fan.

It used to be that exhaust fans in baths had two options for controls — the on-off switch and the timer. Now the options have multiplied, with motion detector and Humidity fans. Humidity fan is a good one between them— you set it to a humidity level you deem reasonable, and it will run if the humidity goes over that level, and keep running until the humidity decreases to below your set level. It doesn’t address all of the reasons you might run a fan in a bath, but it does handle the one that can make a mess of paint and other finishes: moisture.

(3) Fancy commodes.

There’s a growing market for bidet-style toilets and urinals in hotel bathroom amenities. Toilets arrive with accoutrements like heated seats, multiple settings for water (including the option for warm water) and seats that open and close for you. If you are seriously considering a urinal, look carefully at the water supply requirements and local plumbing codes. It may require a larger supply line than is currently in your bathroom.

(4) Hard-wired makeup mirror. 

Once only for movie stars, the lighted makeup mirror made its way into luxury hotel rooms over the past decade. As a kind of bathroom amenities , it is actually a surprisingly affordable fixture to install. The only thing you’ll have trouble with is deciding how high to hang it and who will get to use it.

(5) Thermostatic valves. 

Shower valves have either one handle that controls both volume and temperature with a turn, or separate controls for volume and temperature. 
A thermostatic valve controls the temperature and volume, giving you the opportunity to have a trickle of hot water or a full shower of cold. If you want to get particular about the amount and temperature of the water coming out of your showerhead, a thermostatic valve is the way to go.


After reading the article above, I believe that you will have a good knowledge of good quality bathroom amenities and how to select them. If you want to know more about bathroom amenities, welcome to visit our website.


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