What are the specifications of sanitizing wipe dispenser?
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What are the specifications of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

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What are the specifications of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

The sanitizing wipe dispenser provides a movable and independent disinfecting cloth distribution system for distributing a careful disinfecting cloth for hand or surface disinfecting.


Here are the main points of the article:

  • What is the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

  • What are the features of the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

  • Why do we need to use sanitizing wipe dispenser?


1.     What is the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

The sanitizing wipe dispenser is configured to facilitate consistent distribution of individual rags, preferably from a roll of perforated but additional rags, so that each cloth is separated at the perforated point from the leading edge of the next piece of paper for each successive rag access. The sanitizing wipe dispenser is used to distribute a rag from a wall that is combined with the system and has a plurality of walls forming a shell. The shell functions as a storage device to complement its own wipe and provides an integrated socket for use with the wipe. One embodiment includes walls that are similarly configured for ease of production and assembly and for reduced production costs.


2.     What are the features of the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

  1.   Satin stainless-steel fittings compliment any environment and make it easy to distribute wipes

  2.   Open the cover on the flat top of the sanitizing wipe dispenser with a 2’’ diameter opening for easy replacement or replacement of wet wipes

  3.   5’’ diameter waste openings are integrated on the side of the unit for sanitary wipes and disposable waste

  4.   The unit lifted from the bottom of the opening, exposing a three-gallon plastic garbage can for quick and easy use

  5.   The decorative double bead base adds elegance and stability with a complete rubber gasket to protect the floor surface

  6.   Compatible with most mid-pull bag wiping rollers, diameter 9.5’’ or below

  7.   Disinfecting wipes, antibacterial wipes, or disinfecting wipes can be used

  8.   Custom colors and logos are available on the sanitizing wipe dispenser

  9.   Contains over 60% recyclable content and 100% post-consumption recyclable content


3.     Why do we need to use sanitizing wipe dispenser?

Cleanliness is an important aspect of personal and public health. Despite improved health systems, the presence of bacteria, viruses and other bacteria can still cause disease in people around the world. For example, the common cold virus can be spread from person to person through hand-to-hand contact, or from surfaces where the virus is present. Rotavirus bacteria can cause gastrointestinal diseases and can move from a dry, smooth surface to a clean hand after 20 minutes of contamination. Severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS), hepatitis A, meningitis and infectious diarrhea are other common health problems. Unfortunately, many people don't wash their hands in public, so by rubbing their noses or eyes after touching someone or something contaminated with bacteria or viruses, they expose themselves to the bacteria that cause these diseases. In addition, these people can transmit the risk of this infection to others, as most of these bacteria and viruses can be spread by hand-to-hand contact. Despite the proven health benefits of good hand hygiene, many people do not bother to wash their hands at all, or do so incorrectly. Restaurant bathrooms can be long lines, so people are reluctant to take the time to wash their hands before eating. In addition, many food courts in shopping malls have eliminated toilet facilities to save on cleaning needs. In this case, people have nowhere to wash their hands. However, even in this case, people stop washing their hands before eating, and there may be a failure to wet hands, followed by a thorough scold with soap on the hands, so that the surfactant contains soap that can attach bacteria and dirt particles to the hands suspended in hot or warm water to wash the water, and it is necessary to remove harmful bacteria and dirt from the hands. The need for sanitizing wipe dispensers is thus vey necessary.


Due to our commitment to continuous improvement, our sanitizing wipe dispensers occasionally undergo minor changes without prior notice. These changes are minor and have no effect on the shape, fitness or function of the product, but may result in a minor appearance difference. We will not mix any products that may be modified in a single order. Our website will always reflect the latest product image.


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