What is a sanitizing wipe dispenser?
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What is a sanitizing wipe dispenser?

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What is a sanitizing wipe dispenser?

A sanitizing wipe dispenser often appears in our daily lives, especially in the gym、hotel and other places. There are two sizes of Ø32*93Hcm and Ø25*83Hcm, which are easy to use and easy to operate, which can meet daily needs.



What is a sanitizing wipe dispenser?

A sanitizing wipe dispenser consists of three parts. The upper part can be placed with wet paper towels. After putting the wet paper towels in the middle part, fix it. There is a lid on the top and a hole in the middle of the lid. The paper towel can be drawn out through this hole, so that the paper towel can be taken out by extraction. The middle part is a bucket, in which you can put a trash can, put a trash bag, and there is a hole in the middle of the cylinder, so that the wet tissue can be thrown into the trash can after use, which is convenient for users and protects the environment. The general sanitizing wipe dispensers are silver in color, which also looks very beautiful and solemn. It is made of stainless steel and is very durable.


Where should we put a sanitizing wipe dispenser?

Sanitizing wipe dispensers are very common in daily life, and we can see them in many places. For example, hotels, gyms, etc. can be seen everywhere. In the hotel, we can place it in the elevator. Because there are a lot of people coming and going in the hotel, and the elevator is the most commonly used by people, the elevator buttons may be touched by many pedestrians, which will be contaminated with many bacteria and other unhealthy things. At this time, there are wet paper towels in the elevator. After pressing the elevator button, we can wipe and disinfect with the wet paper towel. After use, we can throw it into the recycling place. This will keep us clean and tidy, for the sake of our health, and very convenient, can also bring a good user experience. Of course, in addition to hotels, the gym is also a place where sanitizing wipe dispensers are often used. There are a lot of fitness equipment in the gym, and there are many people who use them, and they are all used by different people. The equipment will be dirty after different touches, which is not conducive to use. At this time, we can use sanitizing wipe dispensers. Take the wet paper towels from the upper part and wipe the equipment again. You can wipe some bacteria or sweat during exercise, and then throw it into the trash can in the lower part, which can maximize the convenience of customers.


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