What is the difference between the brands of stanchion posts?
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What is the difference between the brands of stanchion posts?

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What is the difference between the brands of stanchion posts?

Stanchion posts can be placed in a straight line according to the actual site and needs, or in a circle to isolate important items to keep the site in order. No wonder why more and more people pay attention to uses of polished stanchion posts as signs of isolation, queuing, guiding traffic and prohibiting crossing! However, once being profitable, some untrustworthy businesses will flock to which. The substandard retractable posts they produce will not only cause trouble for consumers, but also damage the reputation of the industry.


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  • What are differences between ours and others?

  • Why shouldn't you buy too cheap stanchion posts?

  • How to choose stanchion posts?


What are differences between ours and others?

Stanchion posts have been widely used in foreign countries a few years ago, and they have been promoted in our cities in recent years. However, the market of retractable posts is mixed. In order to stand out from the many homogenous products, the stanchion posts produced by our company have the following advantages, which help consumers distinguish our products from others.

  • Quality

We make every stanchion posts carefully, hold various certificates and awards for your inquiry, and quality control is guaranteed.

  • Price

Because our stanchion posts can achieve factory direct sales, there is no intermediate link, which can reduce costs, so the stanchion posts we sell are sometimes even cheaper than some offline stores.

  • Workmanship

We rely on our superb retractable posts production technology to control every detail in place and keep improving.

  • Material

We only use standard materials to produce retractable posts, we have accumulated rich production experience and understand your needs better.


Why shouldn't you buy too cheap stanchion posts?

You may not have paid attention to these details, such as the cheap quality stanchion posts produced by some brands-the rod body is made of inferior steel pipe material, which is as thin as paper, easy to rust and not firmly placed.

There are also some cheap stanchion posts that are common on the market. The elastic band is easy to break, and it is dangerous when the speed is too fast. The base is made of plastic, and the weight is very light. It will be easily knocked over with slight contact, and it is not safe to place.

When using these stanchion posts, all kinds of insecurity are lurking around you. In order to make the use of stanchion posts safer, more durable, more intimate, safe and secure, you need to know how to distinguish the quality of stanchion posts.


How to choose stanchion posts?

So, what kind of stanchion posts are excellent enough for you to trust? We can tell you that we focus on furniture industry manufacturing, as long as you remember the following points, you can generally pick out your favorite stanchion posts.

First of all, the material of the pipe must be durable. The wall of the inferior pipe is too thin, it is easy to dent and deform, and the service life is greatly shortened. We use materials up to 0.7mm thick to make stanchion posts, which are durable, corrosion-resistant and impact-resistant. And some low-cost and low-quality stanchion posts often cut corners on the pipes. Their poles are like a layer of paper pasted, and the safety can be imagined.

Second, the retractor should be cushioned. When the retractable stanchion posts without slow cushioning or an accident occurs, unnecessary safety accidents may occur. This is the most important point for banks and shopping malls that pursue safety.

Third, the base should be stable. If the base is not heavy or insufficient, it is easy to cause the entire stanchion posts to roll over. Our counterweight reaches 8kg, which is more stable than the inferior plastic stanchion posts counterweight plates on the market.


Most of the retractable posts on the market today are the same currency products, and there is no concept of design at all.Zhuhai Laicozy Import&Export CO.,LTD. has its own polished stanchion posts research and development team, which has established a good reputation through innovative design and unique style. We look forward to your order!


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