What is the material of sanitizing wipe dispenser?
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What is the material of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

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What is the material of sanitizing wipe dispenser?

Perfect as a stand-alone container for sanitizing wipes, this sanitizing wipe dispenser helps keep towel service clean and managed.


Here are the main points of the article:

What is the design of the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

How does the sanitizing wipe dispenser work?

Why should we use the sanitizing wipe dispenser?


1.     What is the design of the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

The sanitizing wipe dispenser features an attractive stainless-steel body, a double beaded design near the bottom and an easy-to-service plastic bushing. The finishes provided can be matched or coordinated with any existing furniture and fixtures nearby, such as rain umbrella stands, recycling containers, hangers and coat hooks, sign racks, bellman carts and other items or finishes in the building. This allows the sanitizing wipe dispenser to create a custom professional look and feel.

Disinfecting wipes are water-absorbent, making them ideal for cleaning contaminated equipment, objects, and surfaces. For heavily contaminated surfaces, a second wipe is recommended for better disinfection.

We are happy to help you create the information of your choice and use the logo on the top or side of the sanitizing wipe dispenser to increase brand awareness and encourage the use of wet wipes to promote a safer, more sterile environment.


2.     How does the sanitizing wipe dispenser work?

Sanitizing wipe dispenser feature a heavy base to increase stability. Unique two-button mechanism keeps the lid safe on the body, while the scrub cloth is pulled for a time. It's easy to press the two buttons on either side of the top lid and lift the top when it's time to replenish the wipes. When finished, the cover quickly returned to its original place. To empty the waste, lift the main body from the base into the inner bucket. After emptying the inner bin, slide the body back onto the weight base. There's no need to line it with plastic bags. Antibacterial wipes are sold separately with 800 units per roll and 8×6 FDA-approved biodegradable wipes per roll. Antibacterial/disinfectant wipes are available in one (800) or four (3200) rolls.


3.     Why should we use the sanitizing wipe dispenser?

The sanitizing wipe dispenser provides an integrated and independent disinfection wipe dispensing system. More specifically, the present sanitizing wipe dispenser provides a movable and independent disinfecting cloth distribution system for distributing a discreet disinfecting cloth for hand or surface disinfecting. The sanitizing wipe dispenser is configured to facilitate consistent distribution of individual rags, preferably from a roll of perforated but additional rags, so that each cloth is separated at the perforated point from the leading edge of the next piece of paper for each successive rag access. The device is used to distribute a rag from a wall that is combined with the system and has a plurality of walls forming a shell. The shell functions as a storage device to complement its own wipe and provides an integrated socket for use with the wipe.


This sanitizing wipe dispenser can be used with sanitizer wipes, so don't forget to have hand sanitizer wipes handy. Order today and save!


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