Why use sanitizing wipe dispenser?
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Why use sanitizing wipe dispenser?

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Why use sanitizing wipe dispenser?

Public understanding of how germs spread from person to person has been popularized by the use of sanitizing wipe dispensers that help prevent the spread of germs.


Here are the main points of the article:

Why use sanitizing wipe dispensers?

What are the features of the sanitizing wipe dispensers?

How is the design of the sanitizing wipe dispensers special?


1.     Why use sanitizing wipe dispensers?

Strategically locate sanitizing wipe dispensers where they are most convenient and easy to find, and they will be noticed and used more frequently. Employees and visitors value their efforts to create a healthier environment with a lower risk of cross-contamination. The sanitizing wipe dispenser includes a vertical combination wiper and waste container featuring a top compartment for wiping and side openings for discarding used wipes. The wall-mounted antibacterial wipes dispenser holds the same full-size roll 800 wipes (also known as gym wipes) that can be mounted on walls, columns, or fixtures. All disinfected wipes distribution units have or do not have a nice silk screen logo. The matching floor standing funnel top waste container is designed to be fitted under wall mounted units or used anywhere to accommodate a greater capacity of any type of waste. Round and semi-round matching containers of different sizes and designs are also available to provide additional general waste treatment facilities at various locations.


2.     What are the features of the sanitizing wipe dispensers?

  1.   Use FDA-approved wipes to help reduce the risk of infection and disease

  2.   Kill bacteria and remove dust and dirt

  3.   Helps to eliminate cross contamination

  4.   Use where soap and water are not available

  5.   Double push button to cover body when pulling wipes

  6.   Easy to load wet wipes; Thread through specially designed star openings

  7.   The heavy foundation provides maximum stability

  8.   Durable aluminum satin finish, satin finish smooth finish, or silver vein finish

  9.   All parts are heavy duty, rust-resistant, corrosion-resistant, fire-resistant aluminum or galvanized steel

  10.   Indoor/outdoor use

  11.   Easy to clean

  12.   It's made of 30% recycled aluminum

  13.   100% recyclable metal after consumption

  14.   Packaged with 100% recyclable materials and is environmentally friendly

  15.   Quick shipment in a few days

  16.   Disinfecting wipes are sold separately


3.     How is the design of the sanitizing wipe dispensers special?

Our experienced design team and craftsmen produce strong, durable and distinctive sanitizing wipe dispensers, using fire-resistant heavy aluminum and steel, with tough surfaces and easy maintenance. Their sleek design features a contactless dispenser with a neat X-shaped opening that can be scraped only once per pull.


Trained staff are ready to provide customers with information on sanitizing wipe dispensers. They are very interested in our product requirements. As with all of our products, sanitizing wipe dispensers are known for their fast transport times. Speed of shipment is all that matters. Orders are usually shipped within 1-3 days. Freight shall be handled by a carrier who has assessed its performance and certified that it is recorded safely, delivered on time and at a competitive price.


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