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If you pay attention to stanchion posts in your life, it is not difficult to find that the retractable posts lined up in different places have different colors. So, do you know where the polished stanchion posts of different colors are applicable? This article will guide you how to use it to get the most satisfactory results.



How long is a stanchion?

We believe that in holiday scenic spots, we have all seen more or less how stanchion posts guide the flow of people. The use of stanchion posts needs to be matched with a several-meter-long telescopic isolation belt, which is connected when placed in public places or isolated products. The size of t



How many sizes of sanitizing wipe dispenser are there?

When sweating like rain in the gym, or on occasions where you need to clean your hands, are you troubled by the lack of water? It is precisely because of this that sanitizing wipe dispenser has grasped the needs of consumers, and has won the favor of the market and consumers with its beautiful and fashionable appearance and convenient use. Sanitizing wet wipe dispensers subversively solves the problem that napkins or towels cannot be reused and easily leads to cross-infection, and realizes consumers' dreams of using wipes at any time.



How to deal with the surface of stanchion posts?

The New Year in 2020 is unusual. Although the current epidemic is effectively controlled and the state allows the resumption of work and production, the protection using polished stanchion posts cannot be sloppy. In this case, retractable posts need to be widely used in various public places. For producers like us, the appearance of which is of huge significance to attract consumers. Do you know how can we produce the seamless surface?



How to repair retractable posts?

All social circles have been overwhelmed by the COVID-19 crisis, which has brought unprecedented impact to the world economy, but has brought excellent opportunities for retractable posts and cloud service tracks. The era of new infrastructure has arrived, and the industry is in fierce competition. As a professional retractable posts’ manufacturer, in order to save you the cost of replacing retractable posts and allow you to better use our products, we will give you the following answers about how to repair them.



How to maintain retractable posts?

Retractable posts are an item that is often used in cities nowadays, and many people call it the "one-meter noodle". Its main function is to serve as a protection and fence. As polished retractable posts appeared in different public places and areas, it also is given a bigger stage. If you are a buyer of retractable posts, you must want to know how to maintain it to extend its service life.



What are the components of retractable posts?

In life, there are many props that provide us with convenience. They are often very inconspicuous, but when you come to that occasion, you will hope that you had one. The stainless-steel retractable posts are one of such props. How does it block the huge crowd and avoid traffic jams with its smooth structure and slender shape?

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