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We can see the existence of retractable posts in various streets, residential houses, museums, and even different beautification safety protection projects in the city. With the progress of the times, polished retractable posts have penetrated into more environments, and this craft is constantly being updated. In what environment should crowd prevent retractable posts be used? How to use it properly? If you want to use it to add security and beauty to your life, you might as well read this article.



What is the weight of stanchion posts?

As people's demand for home environment and safety in public places increases, home safety construction is also developing rapidly, and retractable posts are the first to break into people's vision. Before buying brushed polished stanchion posts, you should know some of its important parameters.



What is the importance of stanchion posts?

Before the arrival of each festival, quantities of retractable posts production plants will be in a day and night overtime mode, and both domestic and foreign are rushing for polished stanchion posts. In fact, in daily life, people have a great demand for it. On the occasion that you are going to buy it or join our industry, you should have a comprehensive understanding of the importance of stanchion posts.



Is retractable post dangerous?

Many pavilions are close to the road. Among them, there are a large number of retractable posts. However, the solid retractable posts that are not under the eaves are mostly rusty, at least the gloss is dim. Among them, the polished retractable posts near the grass and even the base have been a little shaken, making the passengers worried a lot.



How to arrange retractable posts?

Retractable posts, also called one-meter line, whose main function is to maintaining public order and keeping public distance. The design of retractable posts also fully caters to people's motion, because the safety distance among people is exactly one meter. Nowadays, because of the need for security, they are more and more widely used. However, how to arrange the placement of polished retractable posts isn’t that easy.



How to operate stanchion posts?

If you pay attention to stanchion posts in your life, it is not difficult to find that the retractable posts lined up in different places have different colors. So, do you know where the polished stanchion posts of different colors are applicable? This article will guide you how to use it to get the most satisfactory results.



How long is a stanchion?

We believe that in holiday scenic spots, we have all seen more or less how stanchion posts guide the flow of people. The use of stanchion posts needs to be matched with a several-meter-long telescopic isolation belt, which is connected when placed in public places or isolated products. The size of t

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