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Hotel housekeeping maid cartWhat do you know about the hotel housekeeping maid carts? You might see them while you are walking out the door of your hotel room or you will see the housekeeping staffs pushing them through the guest rooms or corridors. With regards to the maid cart, this is a special d



Posts with decoration heads+retractable post

A stanchion post is an upright bar that includes heavy base and retractable belts, poly ropes or plastic trains. It’s often used as crowd control barrier, for guiding people flow or to separate certain places to ensure safety and privacy.A stanchion post can be used in different places for different



Types of hotel luggage carts

Luggage cart widely use in different grades hotel , different design with different quality.But the most common type is birdcage bellman cart ,you can see them in any hotel. This carts sell more 20years already, but until today, we also find that the owner still seeking this type only as we received



crowd control stanchion rope

The velour rope usually need to use with stanchion post. Our barrier hanging rope are suitable use for hotel lobby and resort , conference hall, bank, exhibition, shopping mall, restaurant, event, galleries, theater, cinema, wedding party park are and many others. Our Crowd Control Stanchion post w



baggage trolley

Hotels often have luggage carts available for use by guests when they first arrive or check out. The baggage trolley normally have four wheels under a flat surface, and with poles rise from the corners to form a dome over the baggage carts. A bellman will help to arrange the luggage on the trolley and transport it to the guest’s room. A guest usually expects for this kind of service, especially when he has multiple pieces of luggage. A deluxe bellman luggage cart maneuvered neatly on the red carpet of the lobby is the first good impression you can give to your guests when they first arrive to the hotel. A high quality luggage trolley should be the first thing that occurs to you when you are planning your purchasing.



Introduction of stainless steel hotel bellman cart

The luggage cart is a transport tool for carrying luggage. Luggage carts can help people to carry their luggage more easily and comfortably. A hotel luggage trolley can carry two to three suitcases, and it is easy to operate and greatly facilitates people. It is widely used in various public places and you can see it commonly. Usually we can see it at the airport handcarts.



Introduction of Stanchion post

The stanchion posts are widely used in various public places. For example, hotel lobby, airport, railway station, subway station, exhibition, shopping mall, ticket office, and so on. You can see it everywhere in life commonly. They are mainly used as a tool to control the flow of people and maintain

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